This newsletter is actually a book.

My students know that I have been talking about the eventual impact of augmented reality for years now. I’ve been developing a new course with Columbia Business School about it, and in parallel, I’ve been creating an outline of a book on the topic.

Typically that process would involve getting a publishing deal, receiving an advance against future sales, writing a manuscript in secrecy, and then finally publishing years later.

Instead, I want to try something different: I am going to write in the open, in realtime, funded by readers.

Each week I will write a section of the book. Over time those sections will form chapters, and those chapters will constitute a book. I already have the basic framework for what to write, but this format also allows for me to incorporate current events when it makes sense.

Whenever it is that you join the party, I recommend that you go back to the beginning and start at chapter 1.

– Professor Paul Canetti

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